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Organization, whether new or establish, can benefit from outside set of eyes to review and fine tune in today’s advent of Globalization, regulation and competition. Where we are able to effectively design and execute growth strategies is more important TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR SHORT & LONG TERM BUSINESS objective. Jas Global has experienced in helping organizations of all types in various sectors, with niche expertise to develop and implementing strategies that drive efficiency, overcome barriers, identify opportunities, create values, reduce risk, improve your performance and achieve meaningful business outcomes.



A Startup Company is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service. New ventures, brimming with innovative ideas, need a mentor to steer it on the right path. JAS Global is the perfect mentor to guide and maneuver the enterprise to sustainability, success, and profitability. Based on the bedrock of catalyzed growth. JAS Global helps new ventures to get an excellent head start.


To sustain in business, a company has to grow. Every company reaches a cruising point in business after a while. The cruising point is actually a stagnant point, maintaining a certain level of profits. However, in the dynamic commercial world every business needs to reach new milestones. Our approach is to understand the client’s current sales & business development process, and engage the company in determining the changes for desired outcome. During the process we built partnership of mutual respect & trust, as we work together to improve our Client’s efficiency and effectiveness.


In today’s times of vibrant business climates, every enterprise must leverage its core strengths to cut across a range of vertical industries and avail of cross-industry capabilities and opportunities. We help our clients expansion through diversification is when their clear aim at changing the business definition, i.e. either developing a new product or expanding into new market, either individually or jointly. Considering their expansion with clear diversification strategy, to prepare to overcome the economic downturns.


There is a risk of failure when implementing changes in the management, if ‘change management’ is missing. Modifications involve adopting new attitudes, processes, and methodologies to help employees make the transition seamless. JAS Global works out the finer points to help the smooth shift of human resources and processes during this change. Experience has taught us to identify the type & magnitude of change, to develop a comprehensive change management strategy to address the impacts and drive the targets into results.


As business wants to grows, whether you have a new concept to introduce or an existing business is in need of faster growth, or you just don’t have the capital to expand. JAS Global has ability to expand the business by giving an independent operator the right to use and /or distribute the products, techniques and trademarks for a percentage of gross monthly sales and royalty fee.
With varied experience we understand the opportunities to qualified franchise or license partners that provides intuitive and effective franchise Management.



  • Market Planning
  • Growth planning
  • Turnaround planning
  • Other Strategy plans


  • Studying the market for various products
  • Assessing technology requirement
  • Working out the total financial requirement for business establishment
  • Analyzing competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and gauging the competition in the market


  • Prepare the Vision/mission
  • Synchronization of the Vision/mission/values with the objectives through efficient operations
  • Policy formulations
  • Industry Analysis reports
  • Market study and the competitive positioning
  • Preparing Pricing/Product/Channel/ Customer strategy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Performance Measurement
  • Change Management
  • Salary and Compensation Surveys
  • Human Resource Policy and Procedures designing
  • Assisting in implementing Corporate Governance
  • Human Resource Audits
  • Hierarchy management designing and analysis
  • Financial Management Overview
  • Financial Management Policies, Practices and Procedures
  • Productivity Measurement
  • Cash and Investment Management
  • Capital Investment Alternatives
  • Budgeting and Strategic Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis/Forecasting
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Risk Identification and Measurement
  • Risk Mitigation strategy
  • Alternative risk financing and feasibility studies
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Brand/image survey
  • Media impact assessment survey
  • Environmental Impact Assessment surveys
  • Traffic Studies
  • Asset Valuation
  • Business Valuation
  • Brand Valuation
  • Strategic Investor
  • JV Partner
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital Funding
  • Business Plan
  • Market research
  • Business Strategy
  • Bench marking
  • Market entry studies
  • Demographics
  • Opportunity assessment studies
  • Redesign existing process
  • Reducing organisational layers
  • Eliminating unproductive activities
  • Process Innovation
  • Process Lifecycle
  • Process Networks

(Segmentation | Positioning  |Targeting)

  • Product Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • People Strategy
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Process Strategy
  • Penetration Strategy
  • Sales Person Recruitment.
  • Sales Training.
  • Service Mindset Training.
  • Sales Management.
  • Drafting corporate vision.
  • Redesigning Culture.
  • Management Initiative.
  • Accountability.
  • Track Performance Management.


  • Minimize Top Management’s Involvement In Day-To-Day Stresses Of A Crisis Situation, Allowing Them To Focus On Operating Their Business.
  • Redirect Clients Towards Profitabiity, Liquidity & Solvency.
  • Enhance Your Competitive Advantage.
  • Create An Effective Human Capital Strategy.
  • Examine And Strengthen Your Internal Contorls.
  • Analyze Working Capital And Identify Cash Flow Assets.
  • Day-To-Day process Is Not Affected, As Consultancy Management Process Run Concurrently.






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    Insights about the Nirvana
    One of the successful name in the modular wooden component manufacturers. With the biggest challenge in re-starting the Nirvana from scratch.

    As a consultant Implementing the strategy is the only challenge & the working up on it stage by stage & Month after Month driving the success in form of strategic growth in turnovers.

    Among the all challenges top most priority was to focus on the brand name & make the brand name as great success in the typical market with on going competition & raising the bar by achieving the milestone of complete product catalog penetration with help of strategy called "geographic market segmentation". This in return boost the confidence among the buyers.

    Today with ongoing grand success of Nirvana it was not possible without weekly analysis & turning round strategy with clear reviews has helped to achieve the old Nirvana's turnover within first 8 months. Currently this formula is creating milestones every month by achieving all time high month after month.

    Insight about Synergy Dental Clinic
    Previously know as Implant Master. It was re-name to synergy as multi specialist of dentistry can be delivered under one roof.

    As the strategic partners of Synergy Dental Clinic JAS Global created new and fresh brand identity from the scratch. This implies from infrastructure planning to the new process and to deliver the speciality with complete Quality check.

    Jas Global drafted Business model according to the treatments provided to different demographic segment like Kids, Teens, Adults & Senior Citizen, this itself show the synergy of speciality in all different demographics. As well as the futuristic advance treatment into dentistry.

    To create Synergy Dental Clinic as a unique brand, Jas Global focused on their micro process & structure. That implemented distinctive process management system (i.e. Pre Process-During Process -Post Process). This resulted wellness with sophistication experience.

    Special care with complete customer satisfaction was top priority this leads JAS Global to formulate strict quality assurance policy with mandatory quality check this has made big difference in Dental industry.

    Generate growth & profits the Synergy Dental Clinic doctors panel & assistants was trained as professional with clear focus on service mind set. That has sincere auditing of Human Resource department which has boosted revenues in different geographic markets.

    As Brand Retention strategy JAS Global constantly working on improvements with lots of other strategic factors in areas of Financials, Sales & Support, Corporate Structuring, Human Resource, Consumer Research (Demand - Supply Gap), Process Management & etc.

    This has impacted overall different experience with clear customer satisfaction. Improving the accountability factor in major way to the brand success of Synergy Dental Clinics.

    Insight about Brand Metrika
    Well known name in the projects market of Modular Kitchen. Where its major revenue was focused on project (i.e. Infrastructure Market).

    JAS Global advice to focus on different market segments like Retail, Architect & etc.

    Planned detailed Strategy with implementing strategic roadmap by capturing 95% of projects market cap & becoming the strong to the strongest player in Project Market segment. In different geographic markets by penetrating through geographical segment marketing. Today the Brand Metrika can fetch any or upcoming projects with Jas Global strategy implemented which is their major benefit in upcoming future.

    They also made Brand Metrika as Branded company by empowering their complete marketing , branding & advertising strategies to boost the sales in retail market presence by establishing not a ordinary retail outlets but investing 1cr worth of lifestyle store each in 3 market presence, which has a complete elite customer experience. This in return helps customer to educate about high end & exclusive finishes of Modular Kitchens.

    Above the all Brand Metrika were only into Kitchens they help them to extend the product range by Modular Bed sets & Modular wardrobe where there was a clear product gap in the exclusive retail market segment. This helps Brand Metrika to generate ROI in faster pace to capture the Retail Market Segment.

    Not only having retail store experience in retail outlets but introducing the unique strategy " At Your Door Step" which enhanced Brand Metrika one step ahead then other local competitors in the retail segment.

    Getting Brand Metrika into corporate shape they have also developed many departments to have wonderful support to create Brand impact, like in-house Designing Department, Customer Care Center department, Quality Check Department & After Sales Service Support Department with clear Process & People Strategy.

    To lead Corporate culture with justifying accountability Human Resource Department was established with clear mindset of corporate governance. Constantly working on improvements with lots of other strategic factors in areas of Sales & Support, Purchase Management, Supply Chain Management, Consumer Research (Demand - Supply Gap), Process Management, Valuation Studies & etc.

    Marketing management & sales review has generated numbers game in the system of Brand Metrika. Where Business Development officials were chasing sales week after week. Improving the accountability factor in major way to the Brand Metrika success.


    Well know name in the industry of LAB Equipments. An ISO certified Quality Manufacturer & Exporter in several countries in the world.

    JAS Global generated growth of 72% in span of 2years. 7cr turnover to 12.5cr within two years time. This could be possible by implementing Change Management Strategy majorly into the system.

    Major Change which was implemented in areas of Marketing & Complete Process from orders taking to production to dispatch to installation. Geographic segment Marketing was introduced & review on weekly bases, to generate sales with dynamic sales target.

    Pre-Marketing department was started to create awareness in the different market segment as it was speciality product line. Focusing with different geographic markets with special segments like Blood Bank, Research Labs, Pharmaceutical, Collages & etc. Approaching dealers in different market segments was major turnaround. With this way of penetration we came across to major genuine challenges faced by dealers this helped us to penetrate easily into specific pockets of the market.

    Change Management means Complete Change in the process as well as people from top Management to Down Management. Implementing corporate structure of review mechanisms help top management to hold on each & every department with micro level of accountability. This helped Labtop to fine tune many process & introduced new methods of working. Human Resource Department was introduced which created hold over existing people & getting industry related people which helped by strengthening the resources.

    Major Change have brought into Top Management working Culture which helped them to save more time, focus working & most important working on future Development.

    This also helped R&D Department to get loads of rectification into existing product line & new products awareness. With strategic working culture was established & transformation was begin which can be seen in eyes of their people.